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Jeremy Ellis in front of tram at launchpad

Cofounder & Chief Innovator

Jeremy Ellis

Graduating from LaTrobe University with honours degrees in Electronics and Computer Science, Jeremy Ellis built a career in the transport industry, including projects for Bangkok, Indonesia (signal control systems) and CityLink (Tunnel Safety control systems). Founding several companies in the process analytics and automation sectors, as well as involvement in numerous property development projects, he now enjoys the role as principal owner and technical lead.

David Thomas

Cofounder & Chief Operative

David Thomas

Graduating as a Computer Scientist from Monash University and later qualifications in International Business and Marketing, David Thomas joined Hewlett-Packard as a Researcher. Cofounding Australia’s first .com (OSA), the company became Australia’s largest exporter of software in the early 90s and the creator of one of the first Internet Banking Systems (Deutsche Bank AG). As Cofounder of LaunchPad, he specialises in business impact and helping member organisations grow.

We choose to call ourselves the 'groundcrew' so that you recognise our team is here to support you and make whatever you're trying to do achievable.

Jeremy Ellis

Cofounder & Chief Technologist

Let’s buy a tram!

David Thomas

Cofounder & Chief Operative

I love trams, but this one is broken

David Cheah

Futurist & Canary (in the coalmine)

We’re aiming for a stop you can’t see

Brij Rathod


Can I drive?

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