The Future of Coworking.

LaunchPad is a unique future-focused workspace purpose-built, sensibly-designed and efficiently-operated to attract, inspire, nurture and grow the entrepreneurial mindset.
“We created LaunchPad because we wanted to help businesses grow and innovate. To create a place where entrepreneurs could be their best. A place where we would role-model the future of work.
As entrepreneurs, we realise the importance of striking the right balance when nurturing and cultivating a growth-mindset in business owners, leaders and their team members.
We believe LaunchPad is the future of work and provides the right environment to grow businesses.” Jeremy Ellis & David Thomas.

The LaunchPad Management team standing by Richmond Mural

Meet the Team

A model of Coworking that inspires companies to grow.

Founding LaunchPad Coworking in 2012 after colliding a serviced-office run as a side-hustle to their primary business, a Management Consultancy, LaunchPad’s founders created a model of Coworking that inspires companies to grow.

“We knew that growing and aspiring businesses are the engine room of growth in the future economy. It was clear to us that as a sector, they didn’t have the support they deserved. LaunchPad is our way of creating something that truly made a difference to these growing companies.”, Jeremy Ellis.

Startups, Scaleups (growing companies) and Grownups (established companies) can find a space uniquely designed for them at one of our LaunchPad Coworking spaces.

Diverse skills, proven experience and strong, progressive core values.

“We strongly believe that if we are to make a difference, we need to instil a growth mindset in our community.
As Cofounders, we always knew that each of our strengths complements another’s. We may have different experiences, skills and perspectives, but we work tenaciously with our members on respecting mutual values and helping each other achieve more of their potential.”
David Thomas.


vision / courage / ambition


esteem / respect / honesty


tenacity / sense of purpose / responsibility


achievement / profitability / efficacy

Friday drinks at LaunchPad coworking

Our Community

Cultivating Creativity and Innovation.

Our community is nurtured by intentionally choosing founders and businesses who are open to new ideas, are willing to contribute, and are motivated to take action.  We deliberately cultivate diversity in the community because we know that creativity and innovation come from celebrating our differences, and not in the comfort of our similarities.

Networking at LaunchPad Coworking

Why LaunchPad?

LaunchPad's Five Unique Features

We created LaunchPad as a unique future focused Coworking space. We choose to focus on five critical characteristics that all growing businesses need.

LaunchPad community at a team building event

Our Impact

Leaving the place better than when we found it

We care about the positive contribution and role modelling that our community can make in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, business and social communities.

Challenging our community to think big and find ways to positively impact external communities, the Groundcrew facilitates several programs, including working with charities and our carbon footprint initiative, LaunchPad2Zero.

LaunchPad Coworking Tram Meeting Area

Future of Work

Purpose design & build Workspaces

LaunchPad is a unique future-focused workspace purposefully-built, sensibly-designed and efficiently-operated to attract, inspire, nurture and grow the entrepreneurial and innovation mindset

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