Our community is built by intentionally choosing founders and businesses who are open to new ideas, are willing to contribute, and are motivated to take action.
We deliberately cultivate diversity in the community because we know that creativity and innovation come from celebrating our differences, not the comfort of our similarities.

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30% the LaunchPad member businesses are Grown-ups, having operated profitably for at least 12 months and have in their books a credible portfolio of clients. Grown-ups benefit from exposure to innovative ideas and new thinking while they provide experience and wisdom to the community.

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50% of LaunchPad member businesses are Scale-ups, agile and explosive businesses on a trailblazing innovation path and on a growth trajectory that is more vertical than horizontal. Scale-ups benefit from our collaborative space, access to inter-generational wisdom, inter-disciplinary experience and inter-cultural nuance.

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Finally, 10% of LaunchPad member businesses are Start-ups. Strategically and purposefully selected, Start-ups contribute to the eco-system by injecting new ideas and innovative thinking. At the same time, they gain in return loads of TLC on their path to entrepreneurial immortality.

Our Secret Sauce

We think we’ve found the secret recipe for innovation success…


We look for teams or organisations that are inter-generational, having a broader gamut of perspectives and life experiences on which to draw. They create a more resilient, robust and rounded business.


The world is now flat, and a simmering melting pot of cultures, values and worldviews. The teams or organisations we seek, have a diverse set of backgrounds and cultures that provide an invaluable arsenal of perspectives and approaches for today’s market as well as tomorrows.

We call members, Collaborators.

If we do our job well, everyone in the community benefits from sharing ideas, knowledge and insights. The collision of founders with ideas naturally leads to collaboration – that’s why we call our members Collaborators. As a team, we know we’ve succeeded when we see two companies working together.

Join Our Community and become a collabator.

No Hassles. No Lease. No Contracts.   Just a supportive space for launch.

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