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Welcome to LaunchPad

Unique Coworking Spaces.

Choose from three beautiful Coworking spaces in Richmond. Connect with the people, tools and technology to make work wonderful.  Train, tram, ride or drive to a Richmond shared office space that’s easy for you and your clients.

Three Richmond Coworking locations

In the heart of Melbourne’s Innovation Hub.

Flexible, with room to grow. No lock-in contracts. All-in-one pricing. No hidden charges. Simple monthly billing.

One vibrant community

A supportive community that scales with you.

Where the energy of a start-up can mix with the wisdom of a grown-up.

Launchpad is not just a place to work. It’s a community of like-minded small business owners who work in a collaborative and supportive shared space. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Launchpad has stayed open, offering a quiet place to work, away from the never-ending distractions of home. Management has continued to support all members of the Launchpad community while also remaining committed to providing a safe working environment, consistent with local and national safe work guidelines.  

No Hassles. No Lease. No Contracts. Just a supportive space for launch.

No Hassles. No Lease. No Contracts.   Just a supportive space for launch.

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