Our Impact

We care about the positive contribution and role modelling that our community can make in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, business and social communities. Challenging Collaborators to think big and find ways to impact external communities, the Groundcrew facilitates several programs, including working with charities and LaunchPad2Zero.

Good Work

We’ve found that collaboration works best when there’s no possibility of money. By working with charities, our community often choose to share ideas and resources, building enduring relationships.

Example of Events held at our Events Space for Hire Richmond

So Brave

Nominated by a Collaborator as a not-for-profit organisation worth helping, So Brave is an organisation that works with Breast Cancer survivors.

The So Brave team created a range of extraordinary photographs of cancer survivors illustrated by body-painting artists and posed in front of iconic Australian landmarks. Compiled into calendars, the team struggled to promote the calendars and raise funding for cancer research.

The LaunchPad community worked with So Brave for six months on a range of marketing and promotional opportunities.

Social Impact Example


Liora and it’s a sister company, Spirited Clothing, works with organisations in Asia to locate and support women rescued from the sex trade. Providing skills, facilities and a channel to markets, Liora helps women create garments which they sell to generate an income.

The LaunchPad community working in partnership with Kangan Tafe, worked with student teams to develop fashion designs, branding, packaging and patterns.


LaunchPad2Zero is a program with the express aim of reducing LaunchPad’s environmental footprint to zero.

Formed with support from LaunchPad membership, the collaboration team was able to tap into expertise in power management, office environmental and behavioural management.

As a result of the inaugural meeting, the team agreed to start several initiatives that continue today.

Environmental Dashboard

LaunchPad collects information across many environmental measures, including net waste from sites, the volume of comingled recycling and power consumption.

We use this information to compile our environmental dashboard to help members understand how we’re improving.

Currently, the team is instrumenting all power circuits to measure of consumption and the ability to target reduction efforts.

Power Reducation

With the completion of several initiatives, the overall power consumption of the LaunchPad Community has reduced.  These initiatives include replacement of IT infrastructure with less energy-hungry equipment and replacement of incandescent and Hi-bay lighting with LEDs.

Currently, the team are investigating several systems looking for power reduction opportunities.


The LaunchPad2Zero team has looked at the overall waste volume produced by the community and has identified several areas of improvement. The initiatives include a reduction in print waste volume, toner cartridge recycling, recycling of coffee grounds, technology, battery and soft plastics recycling in conjunction with the Richmond City Council.
In addition to initiatives for the above areas, LaunchPad is currently collecting plastic caps for the Endeavour Foundation who recycle them into prosthetic limbs.

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