Does working at home, work for you?

That’s why we aim to make it easy to take a break from your home office, pop in for a meeting, Zoom or MS Team with colleagues or find a quiet space to get things done.

Get out of your home and into your second workspace

Not everyone can work by themselves at home. Maybe there are too many distractions, or things are just too quiet.
At LaunchPad we’ve created your second office so that you can do your best work.

Getting stuff done at LaunchPad

Can’t work at home, prefer not to go to the office?

At LaunchPad you’ll find clean and hygienic desks and everything you need for an uninterrupted day of work.

There are a variety of workspaces, video conference rooms, meeting pods and quiet spaces so that you can find the right place to get things done.

Collaboration on the forest floor at LaunchPad

Your second office just around the corner

Conveniently located in Cremorne, LaunchPad is 5 minutes walk from Richmond Station and Church Street.

With entrances directly off Cremorne Street, and with over 90% of our spaces located on the ground floor, you’ll find getting to your desk a breeze.

4 Person Meeting Pods

Safe, clean and with lots of distance...

We’ve implemented our Cleanroom Protocol to make sure it’s a safe place to work and meet with colleagues or clients.

LaunchPad is the most generous Coworking space in Melbourne, with over 7.6m2 per person – providing plenty of social distancing by design.

Take advantage of a free trial day!

Not convinced this will work for you?
Try out our space for a day and see how productive you can be.

Enjoy our vast open spaces amongst the trees, meet our founders and work in a diverse group of business across all industries. You’ll have full access to a number of desk spaces, printers, coffee and other kitchen facilities, boardrooms and more.

Plugged in Cofounders

Team Spaces

Unique Collocated Sites

Coworking desks

Quiet Meeting Pods

Offices and Studios

Community desks

Floor Space m2

Launchpad is not just a place to work. It’s a community of like-minded small business people who work in a collaborative and supportive shared space. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Launchpad has stayed open, offering a quiet place to work, away from the never-ending distractions of home. Management has continued to support all members of the Launchpad community while also remaining committed to providing a safe working environment, consistent with local and national safe work guidelines.

Peta Mclaughlin

General Manager, Emergency Trauma Managment

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