LaunchPad War on Waste

LaunchPad War on Waste

Home » Coworking 2.0 – LaunchPad Blog2 We’re interested in figuring out how to reduce our impact on the environment, so we asked the community to vote on four areas in which we could focus – what happened next surprised us. At LaunchPad we’ve...
What is Coworking Anyway?

What is Coworking Anyway?

Home » Coworking 2.0 – LaunchPad Blog2 You would think there’s a good definition of Coworking – but it’s surprisingly hard to nail down. For a long time, there was even a debate over whether it’s Coworking or Co-Working. Seriously people;...
Coworking Needs a Rethink

Coworking Needs a Rethink

Home » Coworking 2.0 – LaunchPad Blog2 Here’s a sad truth — Coworking probably won’t make it. As much as I want to believe the enthusiasm of my fellow Coworking Space founders, there probably isn’t enough momentum in the market for it to reach a tipping point...

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