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10 things businesses need to know about economic recessions

10 things businesses need to know about economic recessions

If Warren Buffet is right (and he usually is), then we're overdue for a downturn.Warren's a pretty good bellwether for the rollercoaster we call the economy - when he cashes up, you know he's getting ready to buy cheap businesses. I've just checked...

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LaunchPad War on Waste

LaunchPad War on Waste

We're interested in figuring out how to reduce our impact on the environment, so we asked the community to vote on four areas in which we could focus - what happened next surprised us. At LaunchPad we've been interested in how we can reduce our...

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What is Coworking Anyway?

What is Coworking Anyway?

You would think there's a good definition of Coworking – but it's surprisingly hard to nail down. For a long time, there was even a debate over whether it's Coworking or Co-Working. Seriously people; spending time discussing whether there should be...

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Coworking Needs a Rethink

Coworking Needs a Rethink

Here’s a sad truth — Coworking probably won’t make it. As much as I want to believe the enthusiasm of my fellow Coworking Space founders, there probably isn’t enough momentum in the market for it to reach a tipping point and become mainstream. We...

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Townhall Meetings

Each month the Groundcrew team present what’s happening at LaunchPad in the coming month including who’s new, events program, maintenance items that may effect you, improvements and suggestion box feedback

Townhall June 2019

Townhall Meeting 12th June 2019

Who’s New: Blueoak, Lumery, ArroVane all adding employees!
Events: 12th WordPress Meet up, 13th Valid Event, 18th Sales Skills (Getting to Yes), 26th Female Founders Lunch
Valid Shoutout: Kevin Stone receives AM in this years honours list
Orbit: Bike racks up, Testing new large format monitor

Townhall May 2019

Townhall Meeting 8th May 2019 

Who’s New: Loup and Valid.org
Events: 13th – GOT Screening
Orbit: Valid moving in on 23rd, new meeting room (Gene Kranz), Recording Studio
Caps: Michelle Katz collecting carton caps to recycle into prosthetics.

Townhall April 2019

Townhall Meeting 10th April 2019

Who’s New: NBNTele
Events: 15/29th – GOT Screening, 17th Easter Egg Hunt
Orbit: Trades in now working on fitout
Tram Restoration: painting & we have a bell !
IT: Fibre upgrades – 2nd 1Gb fibre added

Townhall February 2019

Townhall Meeting 13th February 2019

Who’s New: Fluent Education, Savvy Entrepreneurs 
Events: 14th Valentines day, 19th Lantern Festival, 21st Cool Company awards, 26th Taco Tuesday
LaunchPad Create: AC upgrade
Tram Restoration: Drivers cabin complete, Saloons now bookable.

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