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Cremorne is the leading Tech-Centric Precinct in Australia and is home to numerous successful digital and disruptive businesses such as REA Group,, MYOB, Tesla, Seek, Disney and many more.

The proximity to the CBD, with easy and fast access to trains and trams (5 min from LaunchPad), major access roads, bike trails and gardens is appealing to businesses who don’t want the pain associated with being in the city itself. Cremorne is home to top cafes and restaurants, with nearby Swan St and Church St a popular destination as well as 10 cafes within a few blocks of LaunchPad and the Malt District (over the road) and Seek building shortly to open with new supermarket, bars, cafes and event spaces.

Cremorne has a past steeped in innovation, being the site of the first ever amusement park in Australia, Cremorne Gardens in the 1850s. It was the site of the first ever manned balloon flight, with dedicated Railway Station and Paddle Steamer port, Bowling Alley, Cyclorama and numerous experiments which didn’t always succeed.
Remaining one of the most sought after locations for businesses, Cremorne has a bright future as it builds on the past and present.

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